Therese Workman is a Brooklyn-based musician, originally from Maine, born to Jamaican and English nurses. She studied visual art and education, getting her undergrad and grad degrees from Harvard before moving to NYC in 2003.

Between 2009 and 2012, she returned to Maine and collaborated with artists across genres, including the soul-folk band Ramblin' Red, hip hop producer Alias (Anticon Collective), and rapper Sontiago. She's scored several short films, including Shirley Bruno's "The Things I See,"  winner of Best Narrative Short award at the Toronto Film Festival's Caribbean Tales showcase, and short educational films funded by the Ford Foundation.

Workman's primary music project, Oh My Goodness, began as her solo MySpace endeavor — eventually joining with Tyler Wood (fellow Maine native and college classmate) in 2010 to transform Oh My Goodness into the duo it is today.  

Oh My Goodness released their eponymous debut EP in 2013 to critical acclaim, earning The Deli NYC Magazine Artist of the Month and Dispatch Magazine's 2013 Album of the Year awards.

Following the EP release, Workman undertook a music residency on the Fljótstunga farmland, a protected nature preserve and lava field in the west fjords of Iceland. She developed new material and concepts for subsequent recordings, inspired by isolation, other-worldly surroundings, and semi-feral horses.

Workman is currently finishing a new Oh My Goodness release, producing remixes for other artists, sometimes acting in projects like The Adulterers (2018 Sundance Film Festival Official Selection and coming soon to Sundance Now) No Fault (2019 release, directed/written by Myna Joseph, Tribeca Through Her Lens) and designing soundscapes for projects like a short horror-comedy film about menstruation, which is so completely appropriate she can't even deal.